The Sui-Tang Canal Ancient Town Project is an actual action of Anhui Tourism Group to actively implement the decision-making and deployment of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government to "construct the historical and cultural tourism belt of northern Anhui and build a world heritage tour". It is also a specific practice of Anhui Tourism Group to echo the goal of Huaibei Municipal Committee and the municipal government to realize the transformation and rise of Huaibei in the implementation of the five new concepts, as well as the provincial tourism. Tourism group innovates tourism product development model, enriches tourism product system, and promotes the integration of cultural tourism development as a strategic measure.

The Ancient Town Project is located at the junction of Changshan Road and Nanli Road in Huaibei City. It covers an area of 523 mu, with a planned total construction area of 600,000 hectares and a total investment of about 2.5 billion yuan.

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Understand the local customs
Prosperous Sui and Tang Dynasties, peace and Chang'an, the mid autumn national day double festival celebration ended successfully
Start with a program list. Simple and rough ...
Canal Town of Sui and Tang Dynasty
AED, also known as automatic external defib...
"Benefit" Road Concentric --- The First Station of Red Cross AED City in Anhui Province (Huaibei Station) and the Starting Ceremony of 1000 Ambulance Training were held in Sui and Tang Canal Ancient Towns
Don't start much, just start big! ...
Ancient Town | Continuous release of "Hi" energy, the second audio beer syllable makes you excited!
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Ancient Town
In order to further study and understand the spirit of General Secretary ...
The League Branch of Huaibei Anxing Company conducted a re-study of Xi Jinping's speech at the conference to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement
On the afternoon of July 31, the Party branch of Huaibei Anxing Company c...
The Party Branch of Huaibei Anxing Company carries out Party Class Activities by Party Secretaries with the theme of "Never Forget the Initial Mind and Keep the Mission in mind"
Zhang Hui pointed out that with the joint efforts of Huaibei's leading gr...
Zhang Hui, General Manager of the Group Company, and his delegation went to Anxing Ancient Town Company in Huaibei to carry out a research on the theme of "never forget the original intention and remember the mission"
In order to enhance the Party members'sense of leadership and service, be...
Huaibei Anxing Company organizes and develops the compulsory weeding activities of the Party and the League
On April 11, the Party Branch of Anxing Ancient Town Cultural Tourism Dev...
The Party Branch of Huaibei Company organizes the Party Day with the theme of "Inheritance of the Heroes of the Qingming Festival in 2019"
The Symposium on microfilming in Huaihai Economic Zone and its surrounding cities was held in the ancient canal town of Sui and Tang Dynasties
On September 5, 2019, at 8:00 a.m., the opening ceremony of the East ...
The opening ceremony of the East Campus of Huaibei Capital Experimental Primary School in autumn of 2019 and the opening ceremony for freshmen of grade one were held on September 5.
On the morning of July 23, 2019, Huaibei Anxing Company organized a high-...
Bringing Coolness in Summer-Huaibei Anxing Company's Condolences for Bringing Coolness
On Wednesday, July 17, 2019, around 9 a.m., in order to promote t...
Establishment of Provincial Food Quality and Safety Block Promotion Meeting and Food Safety Training Meeting in Old Story Film Hall
June 2019 is the 18th "Safety Production Month" in China. In order to ens...
Huaibei Anxing Company has launched a series of activities of "Safety Production Month" by taking various measures at the same time.
Canal family, adhering to the ingenuity...
Hometown Hotel
Hometown Hotel
The Sui-Tang Canal Hometown Hotel is located in the ancient town of Sui-Tang Canal by the Canal River. It is jointly built by Anhui Hotel and Huaibei Anxing Company. It has elegant environment and exquisite cuisine. It is also good at the four major ...
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  • Indoor equipment
  • Warm bedroom
  • Hotel dining table
  • Leisure sofa
  • service etiquette
  • Hotel Restaurant
  • Hotel Living Room
  • Hotel Conference Room
  • Front desk
  • Corridor Pavilion corridor
  • Hotel corridor
  • Hotel lobby
  • Hometown Hotel